Winston was a cherished member of our family, from the day I first laid eyes on him I knew he needed to join our home. He was an energetic, social, even-tempered cat. I never saw him get upset or angry about anything, just always purring and playful. He was a wonderful companion to my other cat and his energy and playful spirit helped get his brother back in shape after years of being overweight. Every day he would greet me when I got home, make biscuits on my blankets, and play like he’d never get another chance to. He was such a bright spirit.

It breaks my heart to lay him to rest, knowing he was still just a baby. With no rhyme or reason, this precious boy left us, but I hope that he knows how loved he was and still is, how much he meant to myself and his brother Gatsby. He had a good life, albeit short. It was good, filled with toys, and cuddles, and treats. This pampered boy brought so much joy into our household and it simply wont be the same without him.

Rest in peace little Winston, you were such a good boy.

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