Tequila aka Teqi


Tequila aka Teqi

Tequila came into my life August 2004 after the loss of my beloved Mickey, a Lab/Hound X, who died in 2004 saving my life during a 5am break in…

To get over the loss of Mickey, I went to Cancun (a trip I Won on the Radio) and when I came back, I couldn’t stand the emptiness of my home without a beloved dog.
So off to the Pet Store I went and luckily they had a litter of Pom/Shiatsu X, and Tequila was the only one with the pointy face, plus She was the only one who kept crawling up to me, letting me know that She was choosing me to be Her Momma!

She gave me the Best 16 years of my life! She was my Everything, from being my Best Friend, to my Confident to the absolute Love of my Life!

I miss Her, Cuddles and Kisses sooo much!

Rest In Peace my Precious Baby Girl! I’ll Miss You Always and Forever…xoxox

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