Meeka was my loving companion for almost 15 years. She came into my life when I was 21 years old, and has kept me company through so many life changes. She often acted more like a dog that a cat – she would come greet me at the door, bring her toys over to have them thrown, and snuggle up on the bed at night.

She was very sensitive and would always comfort me when I was upset. She was a great big sister to Kami, and patient with the kids. She loved sitting in the yard and watching the birds and chasing the bugs. When we lived in Edmonton, the cold didn’t bother her – she loved playing in tunnels dug out in the snow.

In Kelowna, she became a sun cat…always finding the spots to snooze where the sun shone in through the window. Even in her final days, she didn’t let her pain show, and consistently purred in my lap when I needed a hug. Meeka was incredibly loved.

I will miss you badly, my baby Meeka. Nate (age 6) wishes we had a genie to bring you back, and he hopes you found your mama in heaven.

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