Marley was my constant companion for 15 years. We did everything together. He hated not being with us, so we took him on every holiday. He loved camping, carrots, cookies and his family. He would sit on his pillow and watch me cook all day. He followed me around the house, if I left his sight …he came looking. He had no boundaries…he’d follow me into the bathroom, the shower, laundry room …he just wanted to be with me.

Marley was a puppy right until the night he died. He could barely walk, glaucoma filled both eyes and couldn’t hear in his left ear. But he did a little jump when he knew he’d get his favourite cookie from daddy after his night time walk.

He returned to Jesus on May 17. I know there’s a place in heaven for all of God’s creatures. Marley kissed me goodbye and died. He said goodbye and now I must too….but just for now. Not forever. God bless you my angel. You were cherished.

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