In mid December 2017, the Western Canada Belgian Rescue posted they had 2 Belgian Groendahl sisters, 4.5 years old. We offered to help and ended up fostering Luna and successfully rehomed her where she is now treated like a Princess. In January 2018, we fostered Kiera, tried a rehome trial and she decided that she wanted us as her guardians by running quite a distance back to our then empty home.

Kiera quickly learned things like stairs, hardwood, off leash walks, recall, heel, car rides, camping, travelling in the RV, going into the water up to her tummy, manipulate treat balls, responding to the doorbell, musical beds, play dates with her sister, play dates with other puppies and so much more. She came to us scared but learned to trust and built her self esteem to know hands and backside rubs were for love, nothing else. She enjoyed her trip down the Oregon Coast, visiting around Vancouver, walking Scotch Creek, hiking along the Columbian River in Washington, hiking around the Okanagan and just the simple walks around the neighbourhood. Her gentle spirit won everyone over.

She was Daddy’s girl. Every time Hilton came into the room, Kiera lit up. She observed everything we did and taught us new skills. Kaida (older sister) would wait in the background while encouraging Kiera to come ask us for walks, treat ball, dinner or breakfast.

What we thought was increased anxiety and being picky about food was stomach cancer. Our plan was Kiera would be with us when our 14.5 Belgian Malinois X’s (Kaida) time came. We thought we would have time to watch Kiera discover to all the things Kaida knows. We thought we had time. Instead we were told time was not what we had. On her last day, Kiera took me towards her favourite park. She sniffed all the way there and left her mark. On her last night, she came into our bedroom and asked for a snuggle, then asked to go outside.

In the early morning of October 6, 2019, Kiera laid down in one of her favourite spots in the backyard and passed on.

Kiera, we miss your gentle nose nudges for attention, treats, snuggles. We miss your soulful eyes communicating joy, happiness, contentment and most of all love. Rest in peace little one. While your time with us was short, you have left a void with lots of memories to fall back on. Thank you for picking and blessing us.

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