Katie Wood

Katie Wood

Katie Wood

Katie was born on Dec 7 2013 at the Applewood Breeders in the state of Texas. She passed away on Jan 10, 2022.

Myself and son Kody had Katie flown over to Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada in June of 2015 when she was just a pup, and eventually moved with us to the beautiful Okanagan region. We watched Katie grow into this beautiful, most gentle, behaved, and fun K9.

Katie never lost that puppy-ness within her. She always was GO, GO, and GO some more. She was always beside me OR Kody, ready to either go catch the ball, get the stick, catch the treat or lick you to death. Katie’s favourite pastime, however, was to be near, around, or in the water…She would go nearly one minute’s head emerged into the water to get the rock she wanted. When it was time to leave the water area, you could see Katie’s disappointment in her eyes, body language and hear her say ” really guys were leaving now, just five more minutes plssss.” Also, Katie was a big fan of fruits and vegetables and her last name was Wood.

Therefore, we felt Katie being at the Okanogan pet cremation and Orchard was only fitting for her…We thank the wonderful people who made this place possible for her.

Katie was not only our pet, but she was a part of our family, a sibling to Kody and another child for me.

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