Trudy Blu

Trudy Blu

Trudy Blu

“She is beautiful. How long do Great Danes live?”

The pit in my stomach begins to grow bigger as I reply, ” 7 to 9 years.” After all, these are the numbers that google has given us.

We are so grateful we had 5 years, but also really sad. We knew this day would eventually come but somehow we still weren’t ready.

Great danes are often said to be the “Apollo of dogs– A regal appearance combined with dignity, strength, and elegance. The gentle giant.” What they forget to mention is that this breed is like none other. They truly take up their size in our hearts and when they leave, the hole they leave is undoubtedly larger than the life they lived.

And so we lived life with Trudy to its fullest. Laughed at her antics, her shark like tendencies, her petty theft off the counters and her insatiable appetite for all things food. We loved her ability to read people, the way she leaned against complete strangers with confidence and her beautiful eyes when she rested her head in your lap. The tap of her head to your arm signified “pet me, I am here.”We are trying to live life without her and even though it’s our reality, we are so lost.

She was 5.

How long do Great Danes live?

Not. Long. Enough.

R.I.P Trudy Blu

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