You always had a heart of gold.
17 years old
I lost a best friend today
the kind you can’t replace,
and looking at his empty bed
I still can see his face.
I see the endless energy
the sparkling puppy eyes,
Not the tired, fragile friend
I had to bid goodbye.
I know he’s in a special place
with his friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.
I remember how he’d run to me
to play his favorite puppy games,
And how his tail would wag
Every time I got near
But as those precious years went by
And we both aged and grew
Now that you’re gone.
I don’t know what to do.

May you fly with the angels, your spirit come home, and you feel the love we had for you forever.

Missing and loving you, Love Mom and Dad
Blackie, Keanu, Koda, Storm, Magnum

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