Skitty “the kitty cat”


Skitty “the kitty cat”

Our little Skitty passed away July 25, 2021 after 17 years of a very spoiled life with us. She didn’t like strangers and let them know it but she loved us and showed it in many different ways over all those years.

She endured toilet training and used it for a year but once she had some outdoor cat space of her own the toilet was abandoned in favour of going out the cat door and digging holes in the dirt kitty cat style. She loved to go camping but hated the drive to get there and back. We miss the days of her meeting us at the door when we got back from work or school and running to her scratching post to welcome us to her home once again. Her 5am wake up meows were annoying and may be missed but the habit has now become a lifestyle.

We will miss her greatly 💗. RIP “Skitty the kitty cat” our “Little Bear”

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