In loving memory of our sweet girl, Sasha, who was born on July 29, 2002 and passed away in our arms on November 30, 2012. We are truly honored and grateful that we were able to share our life with her. She was a faithful and loving companion and gave us 10 years of love, laughter and the odd moment of frustration!

She loved to eat and was known to swipe cheese and wieners off the counter. And then there was the time she managed to open up a cupboard door and devour some liver from the garbage can! She loved to sleep but only on her soft bed (or our soft bed!) and if one of her German Shepherd brothers was on her bed she’d bark at them until they moved! She also loved being covered up with a blanket!

She was a fairweather dog and loved sunning herself. She avoided rain and snow as much as she could and would only ever get her toes wet when we went for walks along the river. Saying goodbye to our sweet girl was so difficult and we miss her tremendously but our memories comfort us and we know that one day we will be reunited with her at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you so much and until we meet again, our sweet Sasha, you will always, always be in our hearts.

Mike & Shawna Hickling

A little note to Jared and Jonny at Okanagan Pet Cremation - my husband and I want to thank you again for the care you gave Sasha during her cremation and to Jared for working to get Sasha back to us as quickly as possible and for giving her one last pet for us. The urn and the engraved name plate are beautiful and we are truly thankful for the care and respect you gave to our girl. Thank you again.
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