Sadie adopted us at the Humane Society of Yuma Arizona January 10, 2014 just a few months after we had lost our beautiful Teddy. Teddy’s death left our poor Mojo all alone and looking for friends. He and Sadie hit it off immediately playing together in the exercise room at HSOY.

Sadie was fiercely loyal, food obsessed, and mischievous. She had the strongest pack instinct of any pup we ever had and hated being left alone. Luckily our lifestyle enabled us to have her at work and we were rarely apart for long.

It hasn’t been two weeks yet and we know things won’t hurt this bad forever but right now there is a giant hole in our lives. We miss the interaction at every turn whether it was making the bed, doing the laundry of cooking dinner.

Did I mention that she was also our doorbell? She loved visitors and barked every time the door opened…not for long but loud enough to give you a heart attack!

Life will never be the same!

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