In the Spring of 2009 my husband found an ad fair Maremma puppies in Big Bar lake. We had lost our boy Max about a year before & we were ready for a new baby. Well we drove through miles and miles of dirt roads. We finally found the property & 4 or 5 full grown Maremmas greeting us. When we saw the puppies we were a little short not at all like the picture in the ad. They were outside filthy dirty and a little bigger at three months old by now. Pretty hard to pick when they all look the same so my husband said which ever one comes to me first and that’s how we picked Nino.

We picked his name because his mothers name was Nina and he’s an Italian sheepdog.

We enjoyed 11 1/2 yrs of unconditional love & entertainment from this guy. We cherished every day because we know they don’t live long enough. He’s about to be big gentle giant. His main purpose was to protect his family and stand guard in the front yard. He was always such a happy boy never wanting to be out of our sight. Definitely part of the family and we miss him so much.

I don’t want to so much about the end as I dreaded that day so much and don’t like to think about it. I was very impressed with the caring staff at Central Animal Hospital. And thanks to Okanagan pet cremation Nino will always be with us.

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