I adopted my Muffin 4 years ago from the SPCA. They had said when she was spayed “her uterus was very well used” and that she was most likely a puppy mill breeder. All Muffin wanted was food and human contact. She didn’t know how to play fetch, or why I’d even being rolling a ball towards her, how to play with my other dog or even wag her tail. She just stood and looked at you, she would shake for food or attention. Hence, her name became “poor little muffin.”

After about 6 months the beginning of a tail wag started, to one side only of course but as time went on it progressed from there to a full wag, running up to her human family and jumping up to greet us. Even a lick now and then! She also learned she didn’t need to tremble for attention or food anymore.

I miss my companion so very much and I’m glad I was able to give her a good life for the last few years. She did so well despite her chronic health issues, taking her meds faithfully twice a day. My bed is empty without you but my heart is still full of love and memories of you. Rip my little piggy.

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