Milo, or “pumpkin,” came into my life just shy of 15 years ago. At the age of 1 1/2 he was surrendered to the Williams Lake SPCA by his previous family, and that’s where I found him (and his brother Scooter, RIP).

He was a happy, albeit timid cat. In spite of that though, it didn’t take long for us to bond and he loved love in all its forms – belly rubs, ear scratches, chin rubs, naps in the sun and snuggling in my lap. A couple of years ago he developed some health issues but with the help of the great Kamloops Vet staff, good meds, laser (laser king!) and his constant companion, me, Milo was doing well. He seemed content and comfortable.

However, a few days ago he was having difficulty breathing and I rushed him to the on-call Vet. When she shared Milo’s diagnosis with me I knew it was time to let him go. During our last moments together I told him how much he was loved, how much happiness he brought into my life and how much he’ll be missed.

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