R.I.P. – Meatball – August 10, 2004 – December 13, 2015

We were playing that evening when he laid down exhausted. He looked at me still smiling when he got up and walked over to his bed that he stole from Dozer(my mom’s pitbull) where he laid down, took one last deep breath and passed away. Meatball was 11 years old, he’s been my best friend for over a decade and he was the funniest man I ever knew. He knew how to comfort, he was the best at fixing my feelings and he could cuddle and kiss like no other.

I’m not a religious man, but thank God I didn’t have to take him to a vet and watch them euthanize him, thank God he died at home on his bed, in front of his fire place with a smile on his face and on his terms. Meatball passed away very quickly, there was no pain, no discomfort and again, thank God he was not afraid. Everyone on this earth should be jealous of how he died. I think its what we all want for ourselves when that happens, and although that’s somewhat comforting we will still miss everything he brought to our family for a long time.

On the 14th I woke up and the house seemed empty, it was the first day in over a decade that we didn’t see each other first thing, and that day I was reminded of a famous Winnie the Poo Quote.

``If ever there comes a day where we can't be together, just put me in your heart and I'll stay there forever``.

That’s where my Meatball will stay.

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