Little One

Little One

Little One

Little One Thompson died in my lap while relaxing on November 21, 2020 due to a heart attack. We loved and respected one another for over 15 years and I was thankful that he passed away at home at 17 1/4 years old with me, not away from the house and alone.

I will always remember when we met you were under my truck that I’m restoring. I picked you up to find fur and bones. I started feeding you and food did a vanishing act around you. You were 2 years old at the time. It took several months before you checked out the inside of the house and decided to stay. You were let out every morning and met me every night when I returned from work or running errands on weekends. Till the day I broke a leg at work you spent about 5 minutes outside marking your territory and checking on your cat nip bush, the rest of the time was keeping me company helping me get better for the next 5 months. We did a lot together over the years from helping me with the weeding of the garden and the cat nip bush, restoring my truck, having quality time on the deck on the weekends along with a lot of play and more lap time as you got older. Your purr was loud and all that was needed was to give you a pet and I got a purr.

Little Ones bravery is also legendary in the neighborhood. He smoked 2 rats and went nose to nose with a raccoon and caught mice regularly along with letting the neighbors cats know who the boss tom cat was.

Little One and I were two kindred souls and it was wonderful to have had your company for 15 1/4 of your 17 1/4 years. You will be missed in your physical presence but you will always be in my heart and mind till we meet again Little One.

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  • James Corbet
    Posted at 12:55h, 20 December Reply

    Little One will be totally missed. He was always around when I came over for a visit or the once in awhile that I had to feed him. He always brought a smile to my face. You are right when you say, “You will be missed in your physical presence but you will always be in my heart”.
    With sympathy and condolences,

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