Little Foot

Little Foot

Little Foot

I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul. You treated my Wolf Dog with upmost respect and dignity. My daughter Jessica drove him to you from the vet on Monday after the Saturday I had to put him down. I would have had to wait a month to get him back from the vet, I could not have waited that long to be reunited with my dear Wolf.

I was connected to him soul to soul. He only trusted me. He deserved to be treated like the beautiful soul he was. He was dignified, beautiful and was ready to be free to join another pack and become the Alpha male. He was the Alpha male here on earth. You made room for him and made him priority. I am so thankful for that; you have no idea. I am thankful to my daughter also for bringing him to you, I didn’t want to remember him in that state.

I have become an educator sort to speak in honour of my Wolf, I am trying to do my best in educating people that Wolf dogs/hybrids are not pets. Breeding/selling/owning a Wolf dogs/hybrids is not acceptable. They belong in the wild. I devoted 100% of my time for over 10 years to my Wolf. That’s all I think I should say for now. I really just wanted to say thank you for giving my Wolf dignity, respect and for giving him back to me so quick.

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