Aug 21 2023 our rescue Levi passed over the rainbow Bridge. He joins my other dogs Radar, Lady, Shadow and Spatty. I am sure Levi and Radar are tearing it up together as Radar loved to run with short leg dogs and run circles around them.

Levi’s health declined the last year and yesterday he could go on no more. I rubbed his belly he loved so much when to took his last breath. He didn’t have much left in him but stuck around for us as long as he could. A few days ago he went out on the deck and sat down and stared at the sky like he was talking to his angel. I saw his do that a couple times before. I think he used to ask to stay before but I think he asked to when he could leave this time.

We rescued Levi Feb 2 2019 and gave him much love. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He rarely barked unless he really wanted something or was hard at play.
It was hard not to spoil Levi even though he wasn’t very affectionate. In our short time he had us wrapped around his paw. We will miss his loud snoring and always laying in the road. He had the most amazing built in clock and always knew to the minute when it was time for his walks.

He still missed his previous owner as he always looked at small SUV and wanted to go see especially if there was kids around. He always knew when school let out too. He often wanted to walk to see the children. He loved kids and they loved him. I wish they could live with us longer as it’s so hard to say goodbye.

We will always love you and remember you Levi.

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