Koda Moore-Lawson

Koda Moore-Lawson

Koda Moore-Lawson

R.I.P. Koda Moore-Lawson\

It is with such sadness that Koda cuddled up in my arms one last time as he was kindly euthanized. He snuggled right in and his only concern was why I was crying. He put his paw on my hand, gave me one last kiss and went to sleep. He had a very aggressive form of cancer which had spread. We know we did the right thing for him. He is so missed but we are sure he will watch over us.

Koda had a great life. He worked not only as a therapy dog but also travelled with me as a road warrior when I travelled the highways a lot doing sales calls. He travelled with his brother Keanu throughout B.C. Alberta and the Yukon! He made so many friends along the way! He was highly intelligent and knew who was who and had every hotel manager trained to give him cookies. As a therapy dog he sensed who was hurting and he would beautifully sit with his head on the bed, using his big brown eyes to cheer them up and make them forget about their illness and pain for awhile.

He loved his time on the ranch hiking the trails, protecting the horses, and rolling in horse poop!

He loved the Burton and the beach. He liked to lay in shallow water where it was warm and wag his tail like a sprinkler!!!

He was the alpha of our dog pack and hugely missed as Kindle, Magnum, Maverick and Storm as pups were raised by him “the doggy nanny” we used to call him, cause he taught them manners and put them in their place.

We are so lucky to have had you in our lives Koda.

Love Mom and Dad, Keanu, Magnum, Storm, Kindle, Maverick

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