August 2, 2003 – May 11, 2017

Our beloved Kaiser was with us for almost 14 years. He will always be loved and walk each step of each day deep in our hearts. For the last year Kaiser’s nerve degeneration slowly took away his use of his back legs. Even as on old man he still loved to go for walks and play. He was always a happy dog and would greet us each day with a doggy smile and tail wag. His happiness and energy increased tenfold when he knew he was coming with us on a ride or even outside.

At four weeks old, Kaiser entered our lives. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. Kaiser always greeted everyone with exuberance, a wagging tail and would bark until he was given love back – by way of a pet, cuddle, kiss or treat.

During his time in downtown Kamloops Kaiser and Carly walked everyday, rain shine, or -28 below. His favorite was walking to Peterson Creek, which happened multiple times per week. Alternatively walks would include the river or downtown business where he was welcome in restaurants, clothing stores and the bank!

Even as a young pup Kaiser loved the water. When he was a few months old he mistakenly would walk on the ice covering the river and had no issue swimming in the cold water. Surprisingly enough Kaiser hated to be washed with the hose… fearing the water from this strange water source.

Kaiser was attached to his “mom” and followed her everywhere. He was the first to offer her comfort, a cuddle or a distraction. Some say people can love dogs like other people, we say that you can love dogs (and pets in general) more.

Pet names included; Ki, kaiserbear, tate, tater, tater tot, bijou, bi (bee), tater snout, bungie, pea, peanut, peanut pie, peanut butter cup, sweets, sweet pea, prince, kibertronique.

Over three months later our hearts still skip a beat and tears flow freely each and everyday. Kaiser was with me every step of the way for a third of my life. So lucky have him and he will always be a part of us.

We will be having a celebration of life for all dog lovers at our house. In lieu of flowers please bring a donation to the SPCA. The body is finite the spirit is infinite.

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