Jesse – February 14th, 2008 – December 31st, 2020

Our beloved Jesse came to us at Easter in 2008 as an 9 week old puppy in which we planned. We loved her to the moon and back and she became the beloved adopted sister to our two chocolate Labradors Jambo and Mocha who were at the time 8 years old. We referred to her as Princess Jesse and the boys taught her everything.

She learned to chase ducks, play endless hours wrestling with them, many many games of jumping off the swim platform on the boat and fetching, going for dingy rides and endless hours of swimming. Jess and the boys had so many “doggy” beach vacations which are the high light of our lives- they went to Pismo Beach California and stayed in a very swanky pet hotel with quick access to endless ocean, they all went to Sooke on Victoria Island many times and to Port Renfrew and Tofino.

When the boys were 13 we made a special trip to San Diego to a hotel with a doggy beach. We spent all our time with Jesse and the boys hiking, boating, kayaking and finding lakes we had all never been to and they were all our only family. In 2015/16 she lost her 2 brothers and was so very heart broken as we all were and still miss them with all our hearts We decided in 2017 to have 2 more brothers join us and Jesse was beyond happy- she played and wrestled and baby sat the boys and raised them like her own. They loved her as well beyond words. She was blessed to have 2 sets of brothers she loved and they all cherished her.

As Princess aged she really was a Queenie and let her mom know everything she wanted. She woofed when it was breakfast and supper time, when there weren’t enough cookies being handed out, when her dish wasn’t quite centered on her stool, she let us know when she was in the other room and figured we should all come and join her there- she was the sweetest, most loving beautiful soul and was taken from us so suddenly and unexpectedly. We are thankful she passed without pain or suffering but we all miss her and she has taken a very large part of all our hearts when she left for the Rainbow Bridge. There are no words to describe our loss.

We will always love you Jesse and will be with you one day again for eternity

  • sharon trigg
    Posted at 17:27h, 24 January Reply

    Thank you Sue- I miss her so very much! I know we will all be together sooner then later and she is in a good place playing with her brothers and getting to know Jade and Vader!

  • D Adams
    Posted at 16:53h, 24 January Reply

    She was a lucky dog, and a beautiful soul you were lucky enough to love

  • sharon trigg
    Posted at 09:53h, 24 January Reply

    Thank you Shirley! Knowing you understand and took the time to read and reply means the world to us. Hugs

  • Sue
    Posted at 19:17h, 23 January Reply

    What a beautiful tribute to a special girl. She was so lucky to have a happy life as a pampered princess. Hugs to all of you 💕

  • Shirley
    Posted at 18:48h, 23 January Reply

    It is never easy but especially hard when it comes unexpectedly:-(
    She had a wonderful life and 4 fabulous brothers and a mom and dad that loved her to bits, one could only be so lucky.
    Take care and know I’m thinking of you ❤️

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