Jack O’lantern

Jack O'lantern

Jack O’lantern

Jack was a 7 month old kitten with a disorder in his back legs, tail, and spine. Which caused him to be the same size as he was when he was 3 months old.
Jack came from an abusive home, he taught me patience, and the meaning of “animals are family”

Jack was in severe pain, and after months of trying to help him, he was laid to rest on July 15th 2022.
He was surrounded by his owners, myself and partner, shared some treats in his last few moments.

He was the most amazing cat, his first night home he slept on my bedside table, I still look for you there my sweet boy.

Jack was so loved, and will forever be.
He was cremated at okanagan pet cremation.

I’ll never forget you my sweet Jack O’lantern, I hope your in another universe, sitting on my shoulder like you always would. I hope your looking down and realizing how loved you were, and always will be.

Rest in piece my handsome little guy. Gone but never ever forgotten.

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