September 30, 2006 – April 9, 2015

A month has passed since the very, very difficult day my Chihuahua Holly was freed from suffering the horrible effects of Cushing’s Disease & Diabetes. My little ‘Diva’ is gone far too soon and will never, ever be forgotten. When I heard it was time to let her go, I knew my baby girl deserved not to just exist, endure life for my sake. Yet, it took only a second after she passed to desperately want her back for just another day.

I am completely lost without my ‘high maintenance Holly’. She was a special girl. I would have done almost anything for her… I had so hoped & prayed she would rebound – walk again and not be so horrendously bloated from her condition, nasty disease! She was the center of my world; full of attitude and loved snuggling {with a nudge to the hand to keep petting her}. Holly was a very friendly Chihuahua who adored human attention. Six years ago [on what now is the date of Holly’s death], a kitten Luna came home as a companion for Holly and although Holly seemed not-at-all impressed with our addition…ever, it appears Luna grieves Holly’s absence too.

Holly was a little dog with a huge personality that leaves a huge gap…my home feels empty without her. After only 8 years together, I’m heartbroken and greatly miss my fur baby; the grief is overwhelming but I know my dog deserves it. When I received Holly’s ashes (from vet clinic) I wanted an urn. I now have a little heart urn; it’s appropriate because Holly has my heart. I also have the keychain since Holly went almost everywhere with me…the keychain reminds me, she’s still with me in her way. Thank you Okanagan Pet Cremation, it helps.

Until I see my little girl again, Christene (Holly’s mom)

  • Vicky Josephson
    Posted at 23:29h, 17 October Reply

    Hello Christene:
    I realize that several months has gone by since you lost your beloved Holly. I empathize as I lost Pooky in June (who I noted on this memorial page). Hopefully each day is getting easier for you as it is for me. It is a relief that our beloved 4 legged friends (who were also family) are no longer in pain. It is unselfish to let our 4 legged family members go but it does not make it hurt any less. My thoughts and prayers are with you Christene and I hope that loving memories of Holly are making you smile instead of your tears of sadness.


  • Darlene
    Posted at 11:10h, 13 May Reply

    Hi Christene
    I just read your memorial for your little girl. I felt your heart breaking in every word you wrote. Yes, she was your everything and your world evolved around her… you had no choice with the little Diva lol. They say time heals a broken heart… I believe a heart will always remain broken, however time lessens the pain and allows us to think back and recall all the pleasant things that make us smile. Holly will never be forgotten. Although she was so small her personality was so grand.
    Thinking of you.
    Love Darlene

  • Randy Benson
    Posted at 20:09h, 11 May Reply

    So beautifully written, Christene. “Only a true friend will leave footprints in your heart.”

  • Lulu's mom
    Posted at 18:41h, 11 May Reply

    The unconditional love and companionship are huge losses for you. Fur babies ARE family there is no doubt. Lulu sends her love to you and Luna. So do I! Take good care of yourself. Xoxo purrrrrr

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