Hazel left us on April 20, 2024 at age 18.

She was our Chiweenie rescue dog that someone had left in a house when they moved out. Dumped. She ended up in a high kill shelter in California. A local pet rescue in Vernon brought her to Canada. We adopted her on March 3, 2009.

Hazel would only eat wieners for the first 3 weeks. When we went to take her in to get spayed, we found out she was actually pregnant. Hazel give birth a month later on Good Friday, to 4 beautiful female pups. We had 16 good years with her. She was the best little mommy, chasing her pups around. And to think she came within 2 days of being euthanized because her former owners left her in an empty house to fend for herself.

Her one baby still lives with us. Blaze isn’t understanding where ‘mama’ has gone. We have had a few dogs over the years and their cremation has been done through the vet and Okanagan Pet Cremation.

It is nice to know our loving pets are in beautiful urns and will always be with us.

Love you Hazie Bazie ! Mum & Dad, Blaze, Benji

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