July 20, 2007 – October 16, 2019

I don’t remember a time that you weren’t in my life. You filled the last 12 and a half years with so many amazing memories. Too many to mention but they will live on in my heart.

Those that knew you know that I will miss our paddlin’ adventures the most. You were my paddlin’ girl… my ray of sunshine in every day. You always got excited when I asked “wanna paddle”, even as you grew weak you were always up for paddling. You loved being on the water and being with your Momma. We would spend hours paddling local lakes together …and split an ice cream cone on the way home. You would stand at the end of the SUP board watching everything around you. Once in a while you would get overly curious at a duck that swam close and you’d slip off. You didn’t mind, you were always up for a swim.

At home, you were always just as close to me. You would “talk” to me…conversations…so many endearing “voices” you had. In the morning you would wake and I would hear “arrr….rruuu..” then you would smack your lips together ” bop bop”…a reminder that it was breakfast time. When I was standing in the kitchen you were always standing there between my legs. Sitting at the kitchen table you were always laying at my feet. I miss our conversations, your sweet “voice” and the feeling of you near me. I remember you making a fuss every time the outside water came on …until I would let you chase it down! So much fun you had catching the drops in mid air. Those memories I will hold on to.

About 5 years ago we started to share our adventures with your new Dad. Many memories we made together. He didn’t get the chance to know you as long, but I know he loves you and misses you too.

So here we are both missing you baby girl… so blessed to have had you in our lives. We will always love you… and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Paddle on my Gracie girl…to where the water meets the sky…

Love Momma

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