With deep sadness we had to say good-bye to our Gomie-Girl. She was our little blessing, but cancer took her away from us.

She would often walk to the mailbox with us. She would tell us stories about her adventures outside in the yard. She would sing along with “mom” whenever “mom” was taking a shower. The wonderful sounds of her purring will be greatly missed. She could purr so loud at times, it was amazing!

She had the cutest way of walking on her tippy-toes. She had a personality that included a little bit of a diva, which explained some of her “cat-itude” at times. There is an emptiness in our home right now as we deal with her loss, but the memories of her will forever be treasured and will always make us smile!

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  • Mom-Mom Koch
    Posted at 09:03h, 13 January Reply

    You have a brother now, Gomie-girl. His name is Marmalade. He’s a big ginger boy, kind of like Mr. Biff. Marmalade didn’t have anybody to love him, so we took him in and now we give him all the love we still had left over from when we lost you.. We still miss you, Gomie-girl, but having Marmalade has helped fill the emptiness. Marmalade doesn’t understand what a Gomie-girl is, but when I cry sometimes and tell him that he would have had a sister, he rubs up against me and comforts me. Marmalade doesn’t purr like you did… (nobody does!) But he has his own special qualities and we love him.

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