Dolly Stevens

Dolly Stevens

Dolly Stevens

DOLLY: June 5, 2005 – Aug 8, 2020

Dolly, It’s now been a year since we said a sorrowful goodbye to you. How we miss you! Life changed forever when we lost you. You were well-loved and you are always remembered. We remember the hikes, the camping trips,the way you liked to snuggle up in the car and at bedtime. We remember your mischievous side too, when you decided to go for an adventure on your own and gave us grey hair! Only to return an hour later. We looked for you. Where did you go? Or the way your tongue hung out of the right side of your mouth after all your teeth were removed! I have lost other pets; have lost family and friends. My pain over losing you is just as deep, but it strikes a different note because of your child-like dependence on us. You were completely dependent on us for your well-being and health. You survived cancer in 2016 and lived another 4 years despite been given 3-6 months to live. You amazed us all. As more time went on,the tests showed no sign of cancer, a couple of years went by, and the vet said the cancer was most likely cured!

But then the kidney disease and the Cushing’s began to take their toll. Then another cancer appeared. I could tell our last night together that you were not happy. I couldn’t ask you to go on. Chemo was no longer an option. We couldn’t let your life be just an endless round of treatments and emergencies. You were 15 and you had lived your last 7 years with us, and they were the best years for all of us. You couldn’t give us any more. It was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I felt your spirit depart when the time came. You were a dear soul and you remain a soul on the other side. You’re well and healthy there. I pray to see you on the other side. Our sweet, sweet Dolly.

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