Daisy left us on Aug 15, 2023 to be with her little buddy Mischa who we lost March 1.

Daisy was found roaming a gold course for two weeks so we took her home, she was an unbelievable dog. She was so well behaved, loved everyone and her Toys, Oh man her toys. I got her a new stuff every Christmas she would carry them around all year. We didn’t know her age or birthdate so we had her at the age of 6 for so many years until this past year. We started to see the grey in her face, aging eyes and her legs becoming weaker. We knew then she must have really been between 13-15.

We said our goodbyes to her at home where she could be relaxed, best thing we ever did. She was at peace, but our hearts ache. Daisy u are truly “Our Hole In One ❤”.

See u at the bridge. U are forever 6.

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