D-ZEL passed away on January 6th due to complications with hermangiosarcoma of the heart.

D-Zel is survived and dearly missed by his pet parents, 2 rugrats and furbrother Sgt. Pepper.

D-Zel was truly a fantastic dog, with a personality that was second to none. His many talents included but are not limited to: lounging on the patio furniture, drooling on all surfaces including the ceiling, barking at anything that moved, the ability to take up a king size bed and all of the blankets, and convincing guests that he was a lap dog.

We miss his mach 3 butt shake, his nails tap dancing on the wood floor, and his uncanny ability to realize when you are wearing black and give you that extra dose of dog hair.

D-Zel came to us at the age of 3, and we had 7 wonderful years with him. He is so terribly missed, but we are so very thankful for our time together and for the unconditional love and pure happiness he brought to our family.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Rutland Pet Hospital, Tri Lakes Animal Hospital and Fairfield Animal Hospital for your compassionate care of our dear Mr. D-Zel.

Angel 1st class pal, I just know it. Big Dizzle forever.

In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation to Paws It Forward Dog Rescue or the Kelowna SPCA in D-Zel’s honour.

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