Love you forever Chloe such a sweet girl, you came to us the first day we met at the SPCA almost 16 years ago. Rescued by them along with 40 other pups you leapt into our arms and held on so tight. You were such a joy to have in our lives. So loving and loyal full of energy and love. Never demanding always happy to see everyone.

You loved to play and run like a bullet always herding your buddy Baron who came home along with you that day. You loved our rescue cats and often found you curled up with them. You loved agility classes, being a Kelpie made you a natural. To watch you go through you’re routines was a joy to behold such a smart girl. Watching you and Baron chasing sticks and balls thrown at the lake made for many happy times as you raced each other.

We miss you so much. Every day we still see you waiting to greet us in the morning to share and bring joy in our lives as you did for so many years. You are with your friends Baron, Puss, Rocky and Xena, they are there with you now, we will see you at the rainbow bridge as we know you are all waiting there for us to arrive.

Special thanks to Dr. Royston The Visiting Vet and Creekside Animal Clinic of Vernon BC.

Send them without wings so no one will know they are angels.

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