May 20, 2003 – Dec 20, 2018

A mind of his own
Couch for his home
A treat for dessert
A whimper when hurt

A ball to retrieve
Sad eyes when you leave
But yoyo jumps when you’re back
Would rather lick than attack

A truck for a ride
Shows excitement outside
When it’s hot there’s a pool
Four feet to get cool

He’s one of a kind
A truly rare find
His colour is yellow
A happy-go-lucky fellow

When there’s music he sings
And any thrown ball he brings
It’s in his nature to please
For his breed is retrieves

Charlie is more than a pet
On that you can bet
His unconditional love
Is beyond and above

He’s a special family member
Every moment to remember
A living tribute he deserves
This small verse now preserves

Charlie, our 4-legged son, will always be remembered and fondly loved. Now peacefully at rest with us again.
Thank you OPC 💕

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