I had to put my beautiful Celeste to sleep on January 25th (last week). She had been with me for 16 years and was a sweet spirited, fun loving girl. She was adopted from the Surrey SPCA as a young kitten and immediately took a special place in my heart when she came home.

Her Halloween cat prance across the living room floor would make me laugh and she could squeeze herself into the smallest of places that I would stand there scratching my head, wondering how she managed to fit. Every time a clean, warm load of laundry was around, she would hop into either the clothes basket or the dryer, burrow into the garments and fall asleep. She would curl up beside me or over my head at bedtime and her purring and kneading of paws would put me to sleep.

She would always investigate whatever my husband and I were eating and loved corn on the cob, English cucumber and baked potato. After developing diabetes several years ago, her youthful antics started to wane and she had more difficulties walking due to hip problems. She just was not happy or very comfortable the past few months and I could not bare to see my sweet, beautiful girl continue to slip away. She was the proud mascot and logo for my company “Black Cat Ventures” many years ago and that is how I will fondly remember my beloved baby girl. She will forever be in my heart

Barb Cabana

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