Admore Broegan for Glengrace

October 15, 2009 – December 04, 2014.

For those that knew him…you know that he was a character, a little dog with a big presence, full of himself…and full of love! He struggled day to day to be comfortable due to his condition but he was always happy. For 5 short years I was blessed with this little mighty dog who thought he was much bigger than he was, and in truth in his soul and in his heart he was so much bigger!

It’s the little things I miss… now that you are gone… the everyday things that remind me you are not here. For as the morning light peers through the window I would hear you stir and let out a tiny whimper, every morning, just a reminder that you were awake…now silence fills that space. And as the moon goes down, a tiny whisper from me “bedtime” and a promise of a cookie you would race to your kennel happily…I no longer hear your paws bounding down the hall. Perhaps what I miss most now, in these moments, is the way you always knew when I was upset and my tears would bring you tumbling onto my lap, as if you were 100lbs not 20, and you would cover my face with your kisses and lick my tears away…and I’d have no choice but to smile.

You were taken from me much too soon…but I couldn’t bear to see you suffer anymore. Missing you …you have left my life but you will always be in my heart…

Love you B

  • Charlotte
    Posted at 18:00h, 09 December Reply

    Beautifully written Elizabeth. We will miss you Mr. B. He was a great dog but now not suffering so the best for him. You have lots of great memories and photos of him.

  • Cori Caswell
    Posted at 12:09h, 08 December Reply

    Elizabeth my heart goes out to you for your loss of your little angel. Anyone who has had a pet knows the unconditional love they give and they expect nothing in return. They can bring us back from the deepest sadness with a lick or a cuddle. They do the cutest things and sometimes the most exasperating things, but our hearts just give in when we see them standing there wagging their tales. When you are feeling sad just look at some of the beautiful pictures and remember all the great happy times. Be happy you were blessed with his love for 5 long years. Hugs!


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