Our lives will never be the same
Without you by our side
Whether playing in the backyard
Or going for a ride

Camping in the summer
Will never be the same
Nor will going to the beach
Because when we went you came

You’ve been a great companion
Our hearts are broken so
And although it was hard to say good-bye
We had to let you go

We know you’re in a better place
With no suffering it’s true
And when we look up to the sky
We’ll always think of you

You’re gone by not forgotten
Our love for you is real
Though we won’t see you every day
Your soul we’ll always feel

Deep within our hearts we’re glad
You no longer feel the pain
Though we love you and we miss you
And our tears fall down like rain

We shall think of you with such great love
And dear Brodie you’ll always be
A greatest joy that blessed us
Forever a part of our family

And one day in the future
When our own time here is done
We’ll run to you with open arms
And together be as one

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