To our loving gerbil Baby,

Baby was the most curious, silliest, innocent of his brothers. In an unfortunate turn of events, baby lost his life and passed away on the way home from the vet after being administered painkiller. Baby was a wonderful little gerbil, loved by his mother and 2 other gerbil brothers, Chubs and Houdini. He wore a unique grey fur with beautiful red eyes. Baby brought much love, and joy to our little apartment. Always greeting us with glee when we came home from work, sitting with us while we watched TV/played video games. He was always curious, examining every part of the apartment even though he had seen the same areas day by day. He helped my girlfriend get through the hardest times, the best of times, and every milestone in my life since she got him. When she was sad, angry, and lonely he gave me comfort and brought the love my girlfriend was missing. Baby had so much more life, curiosity, and adventure in his life, he will be missed dearly. We love you forever baby and will always be part of our hearts.


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