Avery, we love you so very much and are so heartbroken that you aren’t here with us. We are so very blown away by how you coped through heart disease this past year and you made it almost a year longer than the vets expected. We believe you stayed because you were so loved and cared for and you didn’t show your disabilities until the very end and I knew then that we had to let you go. As you lay in my arms, I sang you your song and told you Max was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge and you went so peacefully. We will be forever thankful that we had you for 9 short years and we will miss you every single day.

Rowan is looking for you, but we’re keeping him occupied. He loves the new chickens, he thinks they’re his new friends but they won’t play with him like you did; he’s a bit disappointed!

Avery, we will love you forever and a day, you are one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything! Remember what I told you, I love you the mostest!

Rest in Peace my sweet sweet Mr. Doodles.

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