Arenya…you found me on the beach in that horrible place and I fell in love with you instantly. You ate the right shoe of every pair I had, save for the ones one my feet when I went to work. Couldn’t fool you with 2 lefts from previously digested pairs…nope. I just assumed you thought momma had good “taste” in shoes. I came home another day and you gave me a feather party…unfortunately my duvet was the sacrifice, but we had a hell of a time cleaning them up.

We spent a year together, the two of us, and then came the day we found Angel and knew she needed a home with us. You knew she was hurt and needed love, and you gave it your own special way. You shared everything you had, including me, and never put up a fuss. You always let us know what wild critters were around…the way you alerted to different animals still has me in awe of how smart you were.

You gave me a reason to keep pushing forward, and to never give up. Soon, being away from you and Angel was something that hurt more than anything else…I was always afraid you would think I’d left you. But nothing could ever be further from the truth.

I didn’t want to say good-bye yesterday my beautiful princess, but I knew it was time. You lived bravely with so much pain, but once we lost Angel, that light seemed to go out of your eyes. I needed to preserve your dignity, because you were always such a proud and regal baby girl.

Now my sweetest love…you’re back with your Angel-baby, running on the beaches…playing in the ocean…ripping through the forest trails…and of course rolling in smelly things, which seemed to be one of your favourite things to do to momma, especially when we weren’t anywhere close to home. 13 years with you and your kisses will never have been enough time, but you have no idea how grateful I am for every single second of them.

You will always be my first and most special love…my princess puppy fluff…and the love of my life. We had so many adventures together, and they are memories I’ll treasure until J get to find you and Angel on the beach, and we can play together again.

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