Swizzle came to us as a kitten – spunky, playful, and full of life. He was small, scrawny, and wary of people, having been abandoned at the local shelter.

He was a busy little creature – mischievous, curious, and into everything, establishing early on that he was the King and we were his peasants. An adept climber, he had incredible speed which he used to his advantage, surveying his kingdom from the top of our kitchen cupboards. He was very smart and skillfully persuasive, especially when it came to getting extra party mix for supper or as a snack.

As cats do, he loved laying in patches of sunshine and batting at balls, ribbons, and ornaments. He enjoyed sitting in shoeboxes and pouncing on whatever was available, including wrapping paper and drinking straws. He especially liked his own game which involved hiding pencils between the couch cushions. Knocking things on the floor was a source of amusement to him, as was trying to steal elastic bands from bags of potato chips. He had the most priceless facial expressions, particularly when he was sniffing our shoes or looking up at us with his bright, beautiful eyes.

He was incredibly determined and persistent by nature.

As he aged he became more of a lap cat, sitting on his favourite grey sweatshirt, habitually curling himself into a different position for each of us as we watched television. He would gently tap us with his paw when he wanted to be petted and rubbed under his chin. He was always in charge of these displays of affection, though, which had to occur on his own terms. We constantly competed for chairs and the warmth of blankets when he felt that ours were superior to his own. Often, he would knead in a trance-like state before hunkering down for a nap.

Swizzle enjoyed “singing” to the music of Mozart, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, and was a faithful piano practice companion. A loyal supervisor, he would sprawl on the dining table and swish his tail when studying needed to be done, offering pushes and head butts of encouragement at just the right times.

We miss the sound of his little feet and nails clicking down the hall and the daily rituals that we shared together. The softness of his fur and his purrs are sweet memories now. We were so fortunate to know and love him as a member of our family. He was our life and our joy.

  • Marilyn Pantzer
    Posted at 06:46h, 23 March Reply

    This beautiful sharing of who Swizzle was and the love you shared was touching and a blessing. Our love is with you as you grieve, and always. Marilyn and Bill

  • Shawn L Bird
    Posted at 15:10h, 19 March Reply

    Love to you both during your time of grief.

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