July 5, 2005 – February 21, 2018

We were blessed to have Mandy, “Such a pretty girl”, enter our lives on September 3, 2005. I can’t think of a better birthday present! We initially obtained Mandy to be a companion for our very rowdy, yellow lab, Truman. They were inseparable, sharing their dog bed, sticks, and licks, but never her bones! She wasn’t as adventurous as Truman, although she did follow him out of the yard one day, and found many hours later, sitting on the edge of a property, watching Truman from a safe distance, as he got into another dog’s food, toys and sprinkler. She would have none of his independent antics again, returning home and becoming the alarm, barking frantically while he was attempting another grand escape.

As much as Mandy loved her buddy, she loved her human family and family friend’s even more. She could often be found at get togethers with the kids and their friends, cuddling on the couch, giving generous licks and snuggling in bed. She was a shameless cuddle bunny. She was the most compassionate, caring and loyal friend, very intuitive, and she always knew when we needed a touch or lick to cheer us up.

We’ve had several dogs in our lives, but we can honestly say that Mandy was the calmest, most well-balanced dog that we have ever experienced. Whether it was accompanying us to a retro, musical, very loud and active weekend, sitting quietly at our feet for hours, on the floor of the front seat, while on road trips, experiencing several moves, taking her daily meds for Addison’s disease, and lately, welcoming the addition of a rambunctious puppy into our family and becoming his protector, she took it all with a Zen like stride. She was truly a wise, old soul.

She loved batting her beautiful eyes, smiling, sunbathing, fires, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, biking, bones, sharing sticks, playing with canine family, licking humans, wading knee deep in water, making many friends on Burfield Drive, eating poop, dead fish and dead animals…….oh well, we’re not all perfect!

Mandy passed away unexpectedly from liver cancer, with her family by her side. She will be forever missed and will always have a special place in our hearts and memories.

Mandy, we know that your loving disposition has undoubtedly got you a place in heaven. As a friend of the family stated, we hope that you have unlimited toes to lick in heaven! You deserve it! The biggest “Thank you”, Mandy. You were the best companion and sweetest girl! Losing you is hard, but don’t you worry about us. We’ll be ok. I hope that you are the first to greet me when I pass over to the other side.

You’re loved for eternity. xo

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